WAEC Recruitment Past Questions

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an important educational assessment organization in West Africa. One of the exams they conduct is the WAEC Recruitment Examination, which helps them select new employees. To excel in this exam, practicing with past questions is highly beneficial. In this blog, we’ll explore why practicing with past questions matters and where you can find them.


Why Practice with Past Questions?

Practicing with past questions is a great way to prepare for the WAEC Recruitment Examination. It gives you an idea of the types of questions you might encounter and helps you identify your weak areas. Remember, it’s not just about memorizing answers; understanding the concepts behind the questions is key.

Where to Find WAEC Recruitment Past Questions:

You can easily access WAEC Recruitment past questions from various sources, including the official WAEC website. They provide downloadable past questions and answers for the exam.

Sample WAEC Recruitment Past Questions:

Here are some examples of past questions to give you an idea of what to expect:

  1. He had too much work to do. Which phrase best describes this? a) overwhelmed with work b) not happy with work c) not caring about work d) interested in work
  2. The Vice Chancellor approved an extra payment to motivate the lecturers. What does “motivate” mean here? a) give an advance b) provide a package c) give an encouragement d) give a reward
  3. Even though the speech was spontaneous, it was well received. What does “spontaneous” mean? a) planned in advance b) announced publicly c) read out loudly d) not prepared beforehand
  4. My request for help from the lecturer was unsuccessful. What does “unsuccessful” mean? a) achieved b) agreed upon c) without any success d) realistic
  5. What occurred at the meeting last week supported what I said earlier. What does “supported” mean here? a) disagreed with b) proved c) rejected d) canceled

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Practicing with Past Questions:

  1. How many past questions should I practice? The number of past questions you practice depends on your preparation level. Start with a few if you’re just beginning, and gradually increase as the exam date approaches.


Preparing for the WAEC Recruitment Examination is made easier by practicing with past questions. They offer insight into the question types and help you recognize areas needing improvement. Remember to focus on understanding concepts rather than memorizing answers. Make use of available resources, like the official WAEC website, to access past questions. Good luck with your preparation!

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