PalmPay Loan – How to apply for a loan on PalmPay

In recent years, obtaining online loans in Nigeria has been revolutionized by technology-powered loan platforms. One standout option is the PalmPay app, a reputable lending platform providing financial assistance to individuals. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to apply for a loan through PalmPay.

An Overview of PalmPay:

PalmPay is an automated lending platform designed to extend credit to financially underserved and excluded individuals across Africa, with a particular focus on Nigerians. The platform offers the convenience of receiving an instant loan within just five minutes of approval, without the need for cumbersome paperwork or collateral. For new borrowers, a loan amount of up to 10,000 NGN is readily available.

How to Borrow Money from PalmPay:

  1. Download the PalmPay app and create an account by providing your personal details.
  2. Navigate to your dashboard, click on “Loans,” and select the desired loan amount.

Borrowing Money from PalmPay without BVN:

For those without a BVN (Bank Verification Number), follow these steps:

  1. Download and set up the PalmPay app.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Select the “Finance” tab and tap “Borrow Now.”
  4. Complete the loan application form with your personal information.
  5. Use your existing limit or specify your desired loan amount.
  6. Review your application and submit it for evaluation.

Using PalmPay USSD Code for Loans:

  1. Dial *652# from the phone number linked to your PalmPay account.
  2. Choose the “loan” option.
  3. Follow the prompts to apply for and receive your loan in your account.

Loan Requirements for PalmPay:

To qualify for a loan from PalmPay, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a Nigerian citizen residing in Nigeria.
  2. Be at least 22 years old.
  3. Possess a functioning phone for app download.
  4. Maintain a good credit score with no outstanding loans.
  5. Have an active bank account with BVN.

Loan Amount and Interest Rates:

You can borrow up to 200,000 NGN instantly on PalmPay, and the process does not require collateral or paperwork. Interest rates range from 15% to 30%, depending on your credit score and the loan amount.

Loan Repayment and Default:

Repaying your loan is straightforward:

  1. Open the PalmPay app, log in, and go to the dashboard.
  2. Click on the “loan repayment” tab and choose your preferred repayment method (Bank transfer or ATM).

Defaulting on a loan leads to a 20% increase in interest. Continued non-repayment may result in blacklisting, preventing further borrowing until the loan is settled.


While PalmPay offers an accessible and efficient means of obtaining loans in Nigeria, it’s essential to understand the terms, repay promptly, and manage your finances responsibly. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make the most of this valuable financial resource.

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