Naijafund – How to raise money from them

In an era before the internet revolutionized fundraising, individuals seeking capital had to engage others directly. With the evolution of digital banking, the process became streamlined, involving a few phone calls and online transfers from the comfort of one’s home. Fast forward to today, and crowdfunding platforms like NaijaFund have transformed the landscape, enabling individuals to raise capital from around the world, often without even knowing their sponsors personally.


How NaijaFund Works

  1. Creating Your Funding Campaign
    The process kicks off by visiting the official website and setting up your funding campaign.
  2. Linking Your Bank Account
    Connect your bank account to NaijaFund’s trusted payment processor, Paystack. Simply input your account details in the “My Account” section.
  3. Describing Your Campaign
    Provide a detailed description of your campaign to inform the public about its nature and inspire contributions. Share your campaign via social media, press releases, and emails.
  4. Receiving Payments
    NaijaFund ensures prompt deposit of contributions into your registered bank account.
  5. Setting Goals and Time Limits
    Every campaign should have a defined funding goal and time limit, as set by you.

Costs of Running a Campaign on NaijaFund

Setting up a campaign on NaijaFund comes at no cost. Both creating and contributing to campaigns are entirely free. However, once your campaign reaches its funding goal, a 10% fee is charged by NaijaFund to cover platform management expenses. Additionally, Paystack, the third-party payment processor, applies a fee of 1.5% + N100 for local bank card payments and 3.9% + N100 for foreign card payments. These charges are deducted per transaction. All donations are processed within 24 hours and transferred to your bank account on the following working day.

Campaign Versatility

NaijaFund embraces a wide range of campaign types. As long as the purpose is clear and resonates with potential donors, you can raise funds for virtually anything. However, it’s worth noting that campaigns lacking a clear purpose may struggle to attract donors. Browsing successful campaign categories can offer valuable insights on how to structure your campaign effectively.

Non-Profit Status Not Required

Contrary to popular belief, NaijaFund is not limited to non-profit organizations. The platform is open to anyone seeking to fund a campaign, regardless of its nature. While many non-profits find NaijaFund a simple and effective way to raise funds, it is not exclusively reserved for them. It stands as a versatile tool for all fundraising endeavors.


Running Multiple Campaigns

NaijaFund allows users to run up to five campaigns simultaneously, providing flexibility for those with multiple fundraising initiatives.

Is NaijaFund Legitimate?

Rest assured, your NaijaFund page is secure and protected. The platform employs encryption technology to ensure the safety of all transactions. After deducting the necessary charges, all donated funds will be promptly transferred to your bank account.

In conclusion

if you find yourself in need of financial support or are passionate about a non-profit cause, NaijaFund offers a secure and reliable platform to achieve your fundraising goals. Remember, for your campaign to succeed, it’s crucial to spread the word among your family, friends, and social media networks.

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