List of Courses Offered in Arthur Jarvis University

Arthur Jarvis University, located in Akpabuyo, is one of the renowned institutions in Nigeria accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) to offer a wide range of courses. With a commitment to providing top-notch education and meeting the needs of aspiring professionals, the university offers diverse programs under different faculties. Let’s take a closer look at the courses offered at Arthur Jarvis University.


Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences:

  1. B.Sc. Biology: This program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of living organisms and their interactions in the natural world.
  2. B.Sc. Microbiology: Students delve into the fascinating world of microorganisms, studying their structure, function, and impact on various processes.
  3. B.Sc. Plant Science & Biotechnology: This course focuses on plant life, biotechnology applications, and agricultural advancements.
  4. B.Sc. Chemistry: Students explore the fundamental principles of chemistry and its applications in various fields.
  5. B.Sc. Biochemistry: This program delves into the chemical processes within living organisms, offering insights into vital biochemical reactions.
  6. B.Sc. Geology: Students study the Earth’s structure, minerals, and geological processes shaping our planet.
  7. B.Sc. Applied Geophysics: This program focuses on geophysical methods to study Earth’s subsurface for natural resources and environmental purposes.
  8. B.Sc. Computer Science: Students delve into computer systems, software development, and information technology.
  9. B.Sc. Mathematics: This program develops students’ analytical and problem-solving skills through the study of mathematical principles.
  10. B.Sc. Physics: Students explore the fundamental principles of physics and their applications in various fields.

Faculty of Humanities Management and Social Sciences:

11. B.Sc. Accounting: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of financial accounting, taxation, and auditing.

  1. B.Sc. Banking & Finance: Students explore financial institutions, monetary policies, and investment strategies.
  2. B.Sc. Business Administration: This program equips students with management and leadership skills for various business sectors.
  3. B.Sc. Entrepreneurial Studies: Students learn the intricacies of starting and managing a successful business venture.
  4. B.Sc. Criminology & Security Studies: This program focuses on crime prevention, law enforcement, and security management.
  5. B.Sc. Marketing: Students explore marketing strategies and consumer behavior to meet business objectives.
  6. B.Sc. Economics: This course analyzes economic systems, policies, and global economic trends.
  7. B.Sc. Mass Communication: Students develop skills in journalism, media production, and communication strategies.
  8. B.Sc. Public Administration: This program prepares students for administrative roles in the public sector.
  9. B.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism Management: Students gain insights into the hospitality industry and tourism management.
  10. B.Sc. Sociology: This course explores human behavior, social structures, and societal dynamics.
  11. B.Sc. Peace & Conflict Resolution: Students learn about conflict management and resolution strategies.
  12. B.A. English: This program fosters proficiency in English language and literature.

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences:

24. B.Sc. Anatomy: Students study the structure and function of the human body.

  1. B.Sc. Human Physiology: This course focuses on the physiological processes within the human body.
  2. B.Sc. Public Health: Students explore public health policies, disease prevention, and health promotion.
  3. B.NSc. Nursing Science: This program prepares students for a career in nursing, emphasizing patient care and medical support.
  4. B.MLSc. Medical Laboratory Science: Students learn about medical diagnostics and laboratory procedures.
  5. O.D Optometry: This program trains students to become optometrists, providing eye care services.

Faculty of Law: 30. LL.B Law: This program offers comprehensive legal education and training.


Faculty of Education:

31. B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Economics: This course prepares students for teaching economics in secondary schools.

  1. B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Political Science: Students learn to teach political science in secondary schools.
  2. B.Ed. Early Childhood Care Education: This program focuses on early childhood education and development.
  3. B.Ed. Educational Management: Students acquire skills in educational administration and management.
  4. B.Ed. Educational Technology: This course explores the integration of technology in education.
  5. B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling: Students learn counseling techniques and guidance principles.
  6. B.Ed. Primary Education: This program prepares students to teach in primary schools.

Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education: 38. B.Ed. Business Education: Students learn to teach business-related subjects in secondary schools.

Institute Of Online Journalism:

39. Diploma Programs: Offers various diploma courses in journalism.

  1. Professional Courses: Provides specialized professional journalism courses.
  2. Certificate Programs: Offers certificate programs in journalism-related fields.


Arthur Jarvis University stands as a beacon of quality education in Nigeria, offering a plethora of NUC approved courses across various faculties. Students who seek to excel in their chosen professions can find their path in this prestigious institution, as it aligns its curriculum with international standards, preparing them for a successful future.

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