How To Apply For SUBEB Recruitment In Nigeria

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) team in Nigeria and contributing to the education sector, you’re in the right place! SUBEB is responsible for overseeing primary and secondary education in the country. This guide will walk you through the process of applying for a SUBEB job, providing valuable tips and answering some frequently asked questions.


Step 1: Access the SUBEB Recruitment Portal

To start your journey, visit the official SUBEB recruitment portal for your specific state. This is where you’ll find all the necessary information and resources to guide you through the application process.

Step 2: Create an Account and Log In

Once you’re on the portal, create a user account if you don’t already have one. Logging in will grant you access to the available job positions and the application materials.

Step 3: Explore Available

Positions Take your time to explore the list of job positions currently open for recruitment. Choose the ones that align with your skills, qualifications, and interests.


Step 4: Review Application

Requirements Each job position may have specific requirements. Carefully read through these prerequisites to ensure you meet them. Common requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in education, a teaching certificate, and relevant experience working with children.

Step 5: Complete the Application Form

Fill out the application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Highlight your skills and experiences that make you a suitable candidate for the chosen position.

Step 6: Upload Supporting Documents

Enhance your application by attaching your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and any other relevant supporting documents. Make sure your CV showcases your qualifications and experiences clearly.

Step 7: Pay the Application Fee

(if applicable) Depending on your state, there might be an application fee ranging between N1,000 and N2,000. Follow the instructions provided on the portal to complete this step, if required.


Step 8: Submit Your Application

Review your application to ensure it’s error-free and accurately represents your qualifications. Once you’re satisfied, submit your application through the portal.

Tips for a Strong SUBEB Application:

  1. Update your CV to highlight your relevant skills and experiences.
  2. Customize your application to match the specific job positions you’re applying for.
  3. Craft a clear and concise cover letter explaining your interest in SUBEB and your suitability for the role.
  4. Proofread your application meticulously before submitting it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What are the requirements for applying for a SUBEB job? A: The requirements vary by position but generally include a Bachelor’s degree in education, a teaching certificate, and experience working with children.

Q: When is the next SUBEB recruitment?

A: SUBEB recruitment drives are conducted regularly, and the dates for the next recruitment cycle will be announced on the state-specific recruitment portal.

Q: How much does it cost to apply for a SUBEB job?

A: Application fees differ by state, usually ranging between N1,000 and N2,000.

Q: How long does it take to hear back after applying for a SUBEB job?

A: The processing time for applications varies across states but generally falls within two to four weeks.


Becoming a part of SUBEB offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to Nigeria’s education sector. By following these steps and guidelines, you can navigate the application process successfully and increase your chances of landing a rewarding job with SUBEB. Remember to stay informed about the specific requirements and deadlines for your state’s recruitment cycle. Your journey towards a fulfilling career in education starts here!

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