Full List of Accredited Colleges of Education in Yobe State Nigeria

For aspiring students seeking higher education in the northern region of Nigeria, Yobe State offers a range of reputable Colleges of Education to choose from.

If you haven’t secured admission into a university or polytechnic in Yobe state, fret not! The state’s Colleges of Education present excellent alternatives for your academic pursuits. This article provides a comprehensive list of accredited Colleges of Education in Yobe State, along with some essential information about the state itself.

Brief Overview of Yobe State

Yobe State, located in the northeastern part of Nigeria, was established on August 27, 1991, following its separation from Borno State. The state capital is Damaturu, and it comprises 17 local government areas, with an estimated population of 3.4 million residents. Yobe State shares borders with Gombe state to the southwest, the Republic of Niger to the north, Borno state to the east, Jigawa state to the northwest, and Bauchi state to the west. The state is renowned for its strong focus on agriculture and more.

List of Accredited Colleges of Education in Yobe State

If you aspire to pursue higher education in Yobe State, consider these Colleges of Education:

  1. Federal College of Education (Technical) (FCET), Potiskum
    • This federal institution offers technical education programs for students interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge in technical fields.
  2. Umar Suleiman College of Education Gashua (USCOEGA), Damaturu
    • As a state-owned college, USCOEGA provides diverse educational opportunities to students seeking a well-rounded education.


Yobe State in Nigeria offers a range of educational opportunities, and its Colleges of Education are excellent choices for individuals looking to further their studies in various disciplines. Whether you’re interested in technical education or a comprehensive educational experience, these accredited institutions can help you achieve your academic goals. Consider applying to one of these Colleges of Education in Yobe State to embark on a fulfilling and promising educational journey.

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