Full List of Accredited Colleges of Education in Taraba State Nigeria

Taraba State boasts several outstanding colleges of education that offer a wide range of fascinating courses to spark your interest. Whether you couldn’t secure admission to a university or other tertiary institutions, Taraba State’s colleges of education provide an excellent alternative to pursue higher education. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the accredited colleges of education in Taraba State and the opportunities they present.


Accredited Colleges of Education in Taraba State:

  1. Taraba State College of Education Zing (COEZING): Taraba State College of Education Zing is a prominent state-owned institution dedicated to providing quality education and training. Situated in the beautiful town of Zing, this college offers a variety of programs that cater to diverse academic interests. Whether you are interested in teaching, education management, or other related fields, COEZING has everything you need to excel.
  2. Peacock College of Education (COE) Jalingo: Peacock College of Education, located in the vibrant city of Jalingo, is a reputable private institution renowned for its academic excellence. Aspiring educators and individuals seeking professional development will find an array of exciting courses to pursue at COE Jalingo. The college is committed to nurturing skilled educators who can positively impact the educational landscape in Taraba State and beyond.

Benefits of Choosing a College of Education:

For those who didn’t secure admission into universities or other tertiary institutions, a college of education serves as a fantastic opportunity to gain higher education and pursue a fulfilling career. Here are some advantages of opting for a college of education:

  1. Focused Education: Colleges of education provide specialized training for individuals interested in the field of education. They offer practical and theoretical knowledge essential for becoming competent educators.
  2. Swift Entry into Higher Education: If you are eager to begin your higher education journey without delay, colleges of education offer swift admission processes, allowing you to start your studies in the same academic year.
  3. Practical Experience: Many colleges of education prioritize hands-on teaching experiences, allowing students to gain practical exposure in real classrooms. This prepares future educators for the challenges they might encounter in their teaching careers.


Taraba State’s colleges of education are an excellent choice for those looking to pursue higher education in the field of education and related disciplines. With well-established institutions like Taraba State College of Education Zing (COEZING) and Peacock College of Education (COE) Jalingo, aspiring educators have access to quality training and a supportive learning environment. If you are passionate about teaching and education, these colleges present an array of amazing courses to get you started on your journey towards a fulfilling career in the education sector.

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