NEXIT Portal Login Link 2023 | CBN Empowerment for Npower Beneficiaries

Are you an N-Power beneficiary looking to seize new opportunities through the CBN Empowerment program? The NEXIT portal is your gateway to a brighter future. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to access the NEXIT CBN portal and explore the available empowerment options. Let’s dive in!

What’s Inside the NEXIT Portal?

The NEXIT portal, managed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), holds the key to a range of empowerment programs for N-Power beneficiaries. These programs are designed to equip you with the skills and support needed to succeed in various fields. From vocational training to entrepreneurial initiatives, the NEXIT portal is your one-stop destination for taking your next career step.

How to Access the NEXIT Portal

Logging into the NEXIT portal is a straightforward process. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the NEXIT Portal: Start by visiting the official N-power NEXIT portal at
  2. Enter Your Details: Provide your registered email address and password in the designated fields.
  3. Sign In: Click on the ‘Sign In’ button to access your account.

Forgot Your Password? Here’s How to Reset It

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your password. Follow these steps to reset it:

  1. Initiate Password Reset: Click on the “Forgotten Password?” option on the login page.
  2. Enter Details: Provide your email address and create a new password.
  3. Security Questions: Choose and answer two security questions for added protection.
  4. Reset Password: Click on ‘Reset Password’ to complete the process.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • Stick to the Official Portal: For your safety, always use the official N-power NEXIT CBN portal ( and avoid other websites.
  • Need Help? If you encounter any issues while logging in, reach out to the NSIP team at or for assistance.
  • Picking Doesn’t Guarantee Selection: Selecting an empowerment program doesn’t guarantee your placement. Selection is based on criteria set by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly visit the NEXIT portal for updates and stay informed about new opportunities.
  • Keep This Page Handy: Bookmark this page to stay updated on NEXIT portal news and changes.

In Conclusion

The NEXIT portal is your gateway to unlocking exciting empowerment opportunities. Seize this chance to enhance your skills, explore new avenues, and take control of your future. If you have any questions about the NEXIT Portal Login Link 2023 or want to share your experience, feel free to use the comment box below. Your journey towards empowerment begins here – let’s embrace it together! And don’t forget to spread the news by hitting those share buttons.

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